how to create a LONG PONYTAIL hairstyle

How to Create a Stylish Ponytail from a Long Hairstyle

Every girl wants to be the one in the spotlight but for that, you need to be perfect in every step you make; be it your fashion choice, makeup choice or other accessories to match your style, complexion and physique. One of the attribute that can make or break your look is your hairstyle.

Some prefer to go with short hair to save both time and energy spent in managing hair while others like to significantly play with their long hairs. But, whichever style you like, you can’t deny the fact that the stylish hairstyle you choose for yourself must be able to suit you facial features, physique, texture of your hair and then of course your personal choice.

This article is focused on the long hairstyle and the ways to play around with them and tips on how to create stylish ponytails to flatter your looks and enhance your features.

The best part about being in love with the long hairstyle is that it works well with all hair texture, be it straight, wavy or curly. Medium or think locks work the best if you are thinking of going for a long hairstyle.

If you have a stern and bold face, long hair style would work wonders to your looks.

The multiple ponytails hairstyle has become one of the most popular and liked long hair style nowadays and can be prepared very less time. This style requires a base of three small ponytails; however, you can also make a base of more ponytails as per your liking and preference.

The best thing about the multiple ponytails hairstyle is that you can play along as per your style as soon as you are done with the set of the base ponytails. Moreover, the base set takes no more than 10 minutes of one’s time.

You can even leave it there and step out of your house with this multiple ponytail hairstyle if you like. Washed hair makes this look even more adorable and neat. However, if you want to braid the base ponytails together into one, messy hair would be the best option.

Now, let’s take a look at how can you achieve this multiple ponytails hairstyle step by step. The first and foremost step is to wash your hair to remove all the tangles and unwanted knots. After that, you have to raise the hair from upper part of the crown and then separate them into 3 or more even sections as per your choice.

When you separate your hair perfectly into three or more small ponytails, make sure that you leave a few strands of your hair hanging from your ears below to linger around the neck.

Also, make sure that your ponytails are properly intact, for which you can use elastic or rubber bands or hair bungees. Once you have mastered the multiple ponytails hairstyle and have the perfect look, you can play further to make different styles with it, for instance you can either go for a knotted or a braided look.

You can also create your own unique and stylish hairstyle, if you like setting new trends into motion.