Hairstyles and Headpieces- A bride’s dilemma

Fashion is a cruel mistress, it has a very delicate balance of sophistication and elegance. The pleasure in finding the absolutely perfect wedding hairstyle and headpiece to match your wedding gown and accessories is heartfelt. Here are few tips we would like you to keep in mind when you are picking accessories and headpieces for your special wedding day.

There is a saying of old ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’; it holds true in many aspects of life; even when it comes to picking out your matching headpiece and hairstyle and accessories. Too much sophistication is usually repulsive. If you are planning on wearing an intricately designed wedding gown, keep in mind to keep the wedding hairstyle and the headpiece, simple.

Some popular choices are to opt for a veil up to the length of your shoulders or the hair can be held in a chignon. The reason for the simpler choices of hairstyle is to divert the attention of the guests to your beautifully crafted wedding gown.

The other way around also holds true, that is if your wedding gown is too simple. It is advisable to carry expansive hairstyles with decorative jewellery. Further attention can be drawn to your headpiece by having your hair in a bun or an up do position.

These styles further add a boldness to your headpiece or jewellery. Chapel length flowing bridal veil is one another option to uplift your casual wedding dress.

If a 1950’s look is the preference then there are a few things one must take care of. Avoid your hair from being left loose. Instead, prefer a classic up do or a sleek low bun or a short wedding hairstyle. If the choice is to make your trendy wedding hairstyle stand out, then opting for a simple head piece pinned just above your year to the side of your head or something as simple as flower is advised.

Yet another way to divert attention to your wedding gown and your other wedding accessories is to use a simple hair band to hold your hair down. It is a fairly simple task to make the bride the standout performer on her wedding day.

All it takes is a little magic with the hair and an amazing combination of attire, and there you have a jaw-dropping wedding, one for the ages.

You should always remember that beauty is as much an attribute of the soul as it is of the body. In simpler terms believe that the choices you made makes you look beautiful. It is also advisable to put the entire wedding attire, including the gown and accessories and the headpiece along with the hairstyle, to test. You also make sure you have the same hair stylist and make-up artist on the day of the rehearsal and the actual wedding.

You should never let anyone dictate your style, inspiration is a different agenda but to just copy someone else’s style is baseless. You always remember your style can never stand out, if you really do not believe in it, so embrace what truly is your style and persona.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

There are dozens of cute wedding hairstyles for short hair for you to choose from for your big day. They certainly will stun your guests, regardless of your length, texture, color or curly pattern.
Brides do not have to shy away from rocking the natural, God-given their own keys on their big day.

If you have short hair, cute wedding hairstyles for short hair suits you perfectly. This haircut is a good choice for oval and round face. cute wedding hairstyles for short hair suit any skin tone. It looks amazing on girls and women aged 18-45 years. This everyday wearable haircuts. This is a great option for entrepreneurs.

Once you have identified the natural hair stylist, you can ask them to try a few different looks to your hair with a compatible hood, fascinator or other natural hair accessories.


Brides with TWA can be confident that they can rock short hair and still look absolutely stunning. The advantage of short natural hair is that it removes one element stress wedding day is usually associated with the struggle for the right time. Options Day wedding hairstyling this is a business and yet very sophisticated.